Innovative Platform for Youth Start-up

Understand = Under + Stand

UNDER STAND AVENUE is a Creative Public Interest and Cultural Venue created and opened on April 18, 2016 as a social contribution project for Win-Win cooperation among private and public sectors, and corporations.

The accumulated number of visitors reached approximately 6.8 million until now since its opening and it has become a representative hot place in Seongdong-gu with more than 1.3 million people continuously visiting the venue every year.

It performs its role as a platform for creation of job opportunities in 116 container boxes installed on a land area of 4,126㎡ (approximately 1,250 pyeong), representing heart-warming growth through continuous creation of jobs for elderlies and employment of socially vulnerable classes by young entrepreneurs striving to generate new social values.

Moreover, it provides a One-Stop Integrated Solution ranging from start-up and job creation education to market test, financial and investment support, and sales and distribution support to nurture competent people of the future capable of making contributions to our society.

In addition, UNDER STAND AVENUE is supporting and encouraging youths wanting to find jobs through employment education, and matching with promising start-ups for recruitment and employment, etc.

We sincerely hope you will have blissful and fruitful time at UNDER STAND AVENUE, a cultural venue where youths work and general publics engage in enjoyable events through people-oriented technologies and arts that are delightful by encountering diversified values and sharing experiences.