『S² Bridge: Seoul』 is a social contribution project of Shinhan Financial Group and is a representative
platform of Korea to foster startups that provides support for the growth and global expansion of K-startup.

  • Support for

    Creating building up start-up ecosystem through start-up education and incubation,
    collaborative matching between technology demanding companies and startups,
    startup networking, etc.

  • Collaboration for

    We provide supports including clients for sales of products, office space for startup, brand promotion and marketing, and employment for social companies, young venture
    entrepreneurs and artists with lack of initial infrastructures although they have
    original and novel contents and competitiveness.

  • Start-up

    Start-up ecosystem is expanded through various cultural contents including
    performances, lectures, experiences and markets, etc. by holding festivals that
    can be enjoyed by interested parties of outstanding domestic and overseas startups,
    youthful competent persons interested in start-up and general public.